Belly Pics! (Urijah)

I know this is really what everyone wants to see.  So I will oblige!

Starting Point (7 weeks)


For the most part, weeks 8-10 didn’t really have much change,  week 11 is a debatable actual ‘bump’, but I’ve posted it anyhow.

11 weeks (sorry for the crappy phone picture!)

This might be part natural belly fluff and part gas. Just sayin.


12 weeks

This was rignt after dinner. Hello food baby!


13 weeks


14 weeks


15 weeks


16 weeks


17 weeks


18 weeks

The only belly shot where I’m facing the other direction!


19 weeks


20 weeks


21 weeks

22 weeks


23 weeks

Not the normal belly shot, but my new shirt instead! The first time I wore it out I got 2 compliments..


week 24


25 weeks


26 weeks


27 weeks


28 weeks


29 weeks


30 weeks


31 weeks


32 weeks


33 weeks

34 weeks


35 weeks

In lieu of the week 35 picture, which we missed, please enjoy this picture of Madison as a kitten, instead.


36 weeks ( this was 2 days before he was born!)


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