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So…I’ve got all sorts of tidbits today.  Here we go!

*My midwife appointment yesterday went well…they really are so great there, and I feel like I’ve already got a good rapport with both midwives.  Heather and I click a little more so, but I think that is just because she is closer to my age.  She was so understanding yesterday and read me very well during my appointment with her, and I was so, so appreciative.

I guess I was feeling a little anxious about not knowing what was going on in my belly since I haven’t felt any movement yet, so I was really ready to hear the heartbeat again and get a good report.   Before we did that fun stuff though, she asked a bunch of questions and took my blood pressure, which was high again, around 140 something.  She seemed concerned (as she should be!) and asked if I was feeling ok, etc, and I fessed up that I was feeling a little nervous about how the baby was doing in there.  She let me know that we could totally do the heartbeat listening first at each appointment, and to let her know if I was ever feeling anxious about it – no biggie!  So she went ahead and poked all around and was very pleased about how great my uterus felt and how nice and big it was getting and that I was measuring a week ahead still, and that the heartbeat was good and strong and there were lots of movement ‘sounds’ of swishing via the doppler and she finished up with “nope – I’m not worried about this baby at all.”  WHEW.

So then we sat and chatted for a bit and she told me a funny story and we talked just about stuff in general and then she walked me through a bit of relaxation techniques before taking my BP again, and BOOYAH.  128/82.

Huh.  Guess a bit of nervousness DOES make a difference.  Thanks to her for being so patient with me.  I have a feeling that if I had been at a Dr’s office, and they had another appointment waiting behind mine, that they might not have taken that extra time to chill out with me to really make sure that I was feeling calm and confident and that they got an accurate read on my BP.  I have a full hour allotted for every appointment with these midwives and they use it!

*Tomorrow I head out for Portland to get in some baby snuggling time!  Scott will be staying home this trip, so a bummer that he doesn’t get to go and hang out too, but MORE BABY FOR ME.   (And an added bonus is that Lisa told me yesterday that her neighborhood-wide garage sale will be this weekend, so we can hit it up.)

*There has been MUCH progress made on the Future Room of the Baby.  Scott has been working like crazy organizing and selling and cleaning out.  Every time I walk by the room it makes me so excited!

*We were watching a TV show this weekend, and while it was only the second episode we had ever seen (so I was not particularly attached to any of the characters yet), when the scene came for the Dad to have to compassionately kill the pet wolf/dog, I lost it.  There was sobbing and  blubbering about “why did they have to SHOW that part?”  Scott gently reminded me that it wasn’t real and that the wolf didn’t actually get killed, but man…that was rough.  These hormones are tricky.

*So, can we take a vote, just for fun’s sake?  The time is growing nearer to finding out (hopefully) what we are having.  I’d like to know everyone’s guess ahead of time.  What say you all??  BOY or GIRL?  Leave your guess in the comments (even those of you that have never left a comment – now’s your chance to make your voice heard!)


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