Well, it’s been just over 2 months since I deigned to show my face around these parts.  I thought it was high time to let you all know that I am still alive and that we are doing well over here.  Thriving, in fact!  We had a great, low-key Christmas, a successful New Year and are now forging headlong into spring.  Where, oh where to begin?  I’ll start with where we left off, I suppose.  Our Christmas was very nice.  We stayed home and took it easy.  Grandma and Grandpa Jim came to see us, which was so nice, and Urijah slept through most of the festivities, which was also so nice, since he really couldn’t actively participate anyhow.  I was a little bummed this year since I could only manage to squeeze out the barest of Christmas decorations, but I’m really hoping that next year, with a 14 month old!!, that I’ll be able to get back to my normal level of Christmas oomph.  That being said, we only put the Christmas tree back up in the attic 2 weeks ago!  And my fake poinsettias are still on the front porch. What?  They’re winter decorations…not just for Christmas.  Pfffftttt.

Scott and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary with dinner and a movie.  The grandparents came to babysit and we caught an early showing of ‘Hugo’ in 3D, which was excellent – highly recommended, and then came back home and got all dressed up for family Christmas pictures and then we headed out for our fancy dinner downtown at Trio at the Four Seasons.  Oh, it was so good.  We talked and drank and laughed a bunch, and definitely ate too much, but oh man, was it worth it.  It was just what we needed.  Happy Anniversary to my husband of one year and my partner for the last ten!

We were determined to so something for New Years and not be those people with a new baby that just hole up at home.  We….sort of….accomplished it.  We have some friends that always have a New years shindig, and it’s kid friendly, so we loaded ourselves up and went.  We stayed for about…2 hours?  Someone was particularly fussy and required walking and bouncing the whole time in order to stay calm, and pretty much didn’t want anyone other than Mom or Dad to speak to him, so it was sort of a flop in that regard.  But, it was still good to get out of the house and do something that we would have done pre-baby.  We made it home in time to crack open the celebratory bottle of wine that Scott found online (the same vintage that we had at our wedding that was fantastic!), and we watched the ball drop in our living room, with Urijah on Scott”s lap and me standing close enough to give kisses to both of my boys.  So, the New Year celebration was a success after all.

And after the holidays, we’ve been taking it day by day.  On February 13th, Urijah celebrated his 4 month birthday with a trip to the Dr’s office and some shots.  Yay!  The weekend prior to that, he had his first “sickness”.  An unexplained fever that lasted about 36 hours, and never got higher than 101.9.  I still don’t know exactly what caused it, but he weathered it well, and we’ll jut assume is was some viral infection he successfully fought off.  The stats from his 4 month appt are as follows, for anyone who is interested.  Weight – 15.8 lbs, length – 25 1/4 inches, head circumference was about 17 inches if I remember correctly.  For weight and length he was in the 50th percentile but his noggin was up into the 75th percentile.  He got an all around A+ and will go back in 2 more months.  He is generally getting more and more awesome.  He is smiling all the time and sometimes will do a few chuckles if you hit just the right spot with your silliness.  He loves it when you hold him under the arms and swing his body back and forth like a pendulum, and will give you huge open mouth smiles if you lift him up over your head and bring him back down over and over again.  He has recently decided that he hates his once much loved baths, so that’s a mystery since nothing has changed about them.  I’m going to try getting him a little tub that will let him sit reclined rather than laying flat, and we’ll see if maybe that is the problem.  He still also strongly dislikes having clothes pulled over his head, but usually recovers pretty quickly from that trauma unless he is already overtired.  But hands down my favorite new development is that when he wakes up in the morning, or from a nice solid nap, as soon as he sees me coming to get him, he gives me a huge smile and starts his whole body wiggling around in his swaddle.  It seriously makes me swoon, no matter how tired I am.

(Side note because I really need to wrap this up:  he did fantastic on his first flight.  He and I went to Portland to see Lisa, Josh and Ada in January, and he was an absolute perfect baby the whole time.  The flights were a breeze and he slept a ton in Portland!  The trip was too short, but he and I are making another venture in the beginning of March- this time to Jacksonville to see Gram and Grandpa.  Fingers crossed that those flights go as well as the first ones.  Hopefully the flights being half as long will help.)




Milk…it does a body good.

So…Urijah is now 10 days old and we are still working to get more and more milk into that little body.  We’re on a pretty regimented schedule of feeding and pumping, and supplementing…it’s draining and time consuming, but I’m hoping it will do the trick and put some weight on his frame and give my body the clues it needs to START MAKING MORE MILK.

We will forever be indebted to my sister Lisa who has been pumping her own breast milk and FedExing it to us, so that we can supplement with it, rather than formula. As of right now, I’m feeding Urijah for about 15 minutes on each breast, and then Scott gives him a bottle of about 30 ml of Lisa’s milk and my pumped milk combined.  I am pumping about an hour and a half after each feeding session, and am getting about 15 mls total each time – not a whole lot, but better than before.  We’re trying to wake him up to eat every 3 hours.  He’s a lazy nurser, though, and likes to just settle in and fall asleep.  Maybe I should take that as a complement that he finds me soothing?

Aside from the feeding challenges, he’s just amazing.  I am constantly staring at his face and thinking that I can’t believe he came out so perfect.  I can’t stop myself from kissing his cheeks every single time I pick him up, and peppering his scrawny legs and belly with kisses every time I change his diaper.  His has very light downy hair on his back and shoulders, and along his jawline, his feet and hands are big for his body and his fingers and toes are long!  He looks just like Scott and even has his toenails.   I love when he has those little gas smiles…I know he’s not actually smiling, yet, but it makes me so happy to see, regardless.

Speaking of Scott – he has been so amazing through all of these first days.  He has handled so many of the phone calls and scheduling, and meals, and laundry and making sure I have water and that I am following all the activity restrictions the midwives gave me.  He has been so encouraging during my doubtful moments and the crying jags (mine, not the baby’s) and held and soothed Urijah during both of the blood draws he’s had to endure so far.  (One for the newborn heel prick and one to check his bilirubin levels.  Bilirubin came back ok.)  He’s given every bottle and changes his share of diapers.  I couldn’t feel more loved or taken care of.  Especially since my brain has not been functioning very well…I am depending on him to think for both of us until I can return to my normal cognizant state.

So, we’re taking it one day at a time.  We’re hanging in there.  We’re loving this baby a little more each day.  Even when poop gets on our hands.



So, not a lot has been going on baby-wise this week, and I noticed the other day that I had some pictures on my phone that I thought might be worth sharing, at the same time I caught everyone up on the weekend recap.

This past weekend Scott and I got to spend a lot of quality time together.  We started off on Friday night by deciding to go out to eat and then to a movie.  But there wasn’t really much showing at the theater that we were interested in seeing, except ‘The Help,’ which I had planned on just going to see by myself one day since I considered it a chick-flick and didn’t think Scott would be interested.  I loved the book so much, that I was really anticipating the movie coming out, but nervous that it wouldn’t live up.  But… I had heard from friends that the movie was well done and a good representation of the book so I was hopeful!  Anyhow, lacking anything else that sparked our interest, we just decided to go out to eat and then come back home and watch a movie here, so we went ahead and got ready to go.   But when I came downstairs, there were 2 tickets to ‘The Help’ printed out and ready to go!  Yay!  So we had a fine time out to dinner, wandering around Barnes and Noble to kill some time, and then heading to the movie.  MMMMmmm..Coke and Reese’s Pieces.

(Side note:  The movie was very good.  I was quite happy with it, and even Scott liked it a lot.  Of course, there was a lot of stuff left out, and the characters can’t be quite as developed as they were in the book, which is understandable.  There’s only so much info you can fit into a 2.5 hour movie.  But overall, they did a great job with it.  I even dreamed about those characters that night – and they were all knocking around in my head for  day or two after, as well.  Kind of like getting to see, and visit with, old friends, but then having to say goodbye again.  They stick with you for a while!)

And then on Saturday, we had planned to drive out to this gas station in Circleville (which is seriously a map-dot town about 20-30 minutes away from Georgetown) for lunch – Scott had a recommendation for fantastic hamburgers at a gas station there, from one of his co-workers, so we decided to be brave and check it out.  I really wish I would have snapped a picture or two of this place, but there was no need to draw anymore attention to ourselves.  I’m pretty sure they all knew we were ‘not from around those parts.’   It literally was an old, run-down gas station, kind of combined with an antique junk store, and it seriously looked like a perfect movie set for a scene where some hapless folks from out-of-town are driving through, and stop in for directions, never to be seen again.  Obviously we made it out fine, and the burgers were quite good, but the place…well, I wish you all could have been there.

After lunch we drove around Taylor, Texas and Granger, Texas just for the heck of it.  Mostly checking out the old, abandoned downtown areas and all the really cool old industrial buildings that Scott would love to get his hands on.  And we stopped at this one really old historic home that was for sale in Granger and peeked in the windows and walked all around it, until we noticed some indicators that maybe someone actually still lived in it, so we got back in the car and took off before we got busted for being peeping toms.

Some shaved ice for me, and coffee for Scott, on the way home, and we were happy.  I can’t really remember what happened on Sunday, so it must not have been too exciting, so we’ll just skip over it.

On to the random pictures!

So, Mom and I found this picture when I was in FL, and I loved it so much that I took a picture of it just so I could have it.   It’s of me and Lisa and I really would love to know why I’m looking at her so suspiciously.  She says she was probably pinching me under the towel.  Also, be amazed, because Mom still has that towel in her possession.

Here is the finished china cabinet project!  Which really wasn’t a ‘project’ at all – it was just me unpacking all the china and putting it in the cabinet, but it took a while…so…project!  It turned out that every single piece fit just fine and looks quite nice, if I do say so myself.  It is a full 12 place settings, with more plates for each setting than I really know what to do with, a coffee pot with sugar and creamer vessels, gravy boat with its own saucer, serving platters and a covered vegetable dish and an uncovered….other vegetable dish?

If anyone has a guess to why there are 14 coffee cups, but only 11 saucers, let me know.

I’m glad it’s done…hopefully the dishes will see some use, finally, during the upcoming holidays.

And just because the cats don’t get enough airtime here, a gratuitous picture of Bodhi in one of his latest favorite sleeping spots.


Cute Stuff

So, this weekend was full of projects and progress!  The baby’s room is *almost* all the way empty now.  Just a few more things to clear out and it will be paint touch-up time, and then I can go to town.  My little starter pile of baby stuff that was in a corner of the guest room has been growing and is quickly taking over one whole wall!  Granted, everything is still in bags and packaging, so once it is opened and organized it won’t seem like nearly as much, but for now it is staying as-is for easy transport to its forever home in the yellow room.

Scott was able to check another project off his list when we installed some shelves in his arcade room for display and storage purposes yesterday.   While I didn’t get up on the ladder, or do any drilling, I still say “we” since I was an active participant,  and handed him tools and peeled labels off the shelving pieces like nobody’s business.  Now that the shelves are up, the lingering things out of the baby’s room have their official place to be relocated to, so we’re in the home stretch!

In anticipation of the day when I can start putting the fun stuff in the room, I’ve made a couple of small, decorative (otherwise known as OH MAN BABY STUFF IS SO CUTE I CAN’T RESIST!) purchases. Well, this lamp wasn’t originally intended to go in the baby’s room, and isn’t technically ‘baby stuff’, but I have since decided it will be perfect in there, so just humor me.


We have a floating black shelf on the wall, right inside the door, and this lamp will be perfect sitting on it.  It’s a pretty dim light, so I think it will be great for going into the room at night and needing just a bit of light to see by without waking us, or the baby, up too much with the bright overhead light.  (Plus, it goes along with the trend I seem to have created of leaves, trees, and birds for the room.  Official colors yet to be determined, so the color palette may just end up being whatever we find that we like, we choose.)

And this was an Etsy purchase that was just too good to resist!  It’s an illustration that will need to be framed once it arrives (I think a white frame will be the best.)  Since the middle bird is pretty close (I’m hoping) to matching the color of the walls, it should look darn cute once it’s framed and hung up.

I’m getting closer and closer to the day that I start to work from home, and I’m really looking forward at getting to work on some of the sewing ideas I’ve had knocking around in my head for a while.  I’ll keep you updated on my progress! (unless I really flub something up…in that case I’m not telling anyone.)

Also, in case anyone wanted an update – our new sprinkler system is FAN-tastic and already the grass is looking so green and fluffy!  Several shoots have already started creeping into the barren areas, much faster than I was anticipating, so I think within just a couple more months, it should be well on its way.


This and that….

I had another midwife appointment today and all was good.  Urine checked out fine, baby’s heartbeat was 148 bpm, my fundal height was measuring at 25 cm (I’ll be 22 weeks along on Friday, so baby boy has done some pretty decent growing over the last couple of weeks!), and my weight officially clocked in at 10 lbs up from my starting weight.  My BP was a little high (136/60), but they didn’t seem concerned.  I told them I had still been checking it periodically at home and it was always nice and low, so they were OK with that.

The word is now official that I will begin working part-time hours from home starting at the beginning of August.  This is excellent for so many reasons:

-I’ll still have a bit of money coming in

-I won’t have to make the 25 minute drive to the office 2 times a day (saving me on gas money and eating out lunch money!)

-My workload is going to drop significantly and I’ll be mostly doing behind the scenes, low-stress reports and invoicing, etc.

-I’ll have plenty of time to exercise when want to, take it easy if I need to, nest to my heart’s content and just generally prepare for the upcoming changes.

All in all, I am SO thrilled that my company is making this exception for me – I feel very lucky!  It is not their policy to allow people to work from home, so that they think enough of me as an employee to even want to keep me on part time AND allow me to do it from home means alot.

In other news, Scott and I took advantage of the blazing sun this weekend and went for a nice long walk  at the park (about 4 miles in all).  It was really quite hot, and we largely overestimated the amount of shade that the trail offered, so we both got a bit more sun than intended, but still we had a great time hanging out together.  We had planned to stop at a park along the trail to lay in the sun for a bit, so I wore my new maternity bating suit that is just so darn cute!  I wore the top with some yoga pants for the walking portion, since I thought it would seem really strange for me to just walk the whole trail in just a bathing suit and tennis shoes.

My posture looks bad, but the bathing suit is cute!

We wore ourselves out and were very happy to get back into the truck with some AC blowing full blast.  Once we got home we got cleaned up and went to do the grocery shopping, and by the time were were finishing up with that,  my back was hurting and I was so tired that we headed on home, and once I got the groceries put away, Scott ordered me to the couch, brought me a drink and made dinner, made some tea (my favorite!) and cleaned up the kitchen while I watched some Law & Order.  I know he was exhausted himself and just wanted to sit down, but he handled things without a peep.  He’s pretty awesome like that.






Remember…there are no right or wrong answers. Just do your best!

So…I’ve got all sorts of tidbits today.  Here we go!

*My midwife appointment yesterday went well…they really are so great there, and I feel like I’ve already got a good rapport with both midwives.  Heather and I click a little more so, but I think that is just because she is closer to my age.  She was so understanding yesterday and read me very well during my appointment with her, and I was so, so appreciative.

I guess I was feeling a little anxious about not knowing what was going on in my belly since I haven’t felt any movement yet, so I was really ready to hear the heartbeat again and get a good report.   Before we did that fun stuff though, she asked a bunch of questions and took my blood pressure, which was high again, around 140 something.  She seemed concerned (as she should be!) and asked if I was feeling ok, etc, and I fessed up that I was feeling a little nervous about how the baby was doing in there.  She let me know that we could totally do the heartbeat listening first at each appointment, and to let her know if I was ever feeling anxious about it – no biggie!  So she went ahead and poked all around and was very pleased about how great my uterus felt and how nice and big it was getting and that I was measuring a week ahead still, and that the heartbeat was good and strong and there were lots of movement ‘sounds’ of swishing via the doppler and she finished up with “nope – I’m not worried about this baby at all.”  WHEW.

So then we sat and chatted for a bit and she told me a funny story and we talked just about stuff in general and then she walked me through a bit of relaxation techniques before taking my BP again, and BOOYAH.  128/82.

Huh.  Guess a bit of nervousness DOES make a difference.  Thanks to her for being so patient with me.  I have a feeling that if I had been at a Dr’s office, and they had another appointment waiting behind mine, that they might not have taken that extra time to chill out with me to really make sure that I was feeling calm and confident and that they got an accurate read on my BP.  I have a full hour allotted for every appointment with these midwives and they use it!

*Tomorrow I head out for Portland to get in some baby snuggling time!  Scott will be staying home this trip, so a bummer that he doesn’t get to go and hang out too, but MORE BABY FOR ME.   (And an added bonus is that Lisa told me yesterday that her neighborhood-wide garage sale will be this weekend, so we can hit it up.)

*There has been MUCH progress made on the Future Room of the Baby.  Scott has been working like crazy organizing and selling and cleaning out.  Every time I walk by the room it makes me so excited!

*We were watching a TV show this weekend, and while it was only the second episode we had ever seen (so I was not particularly attached to any of the characters yet), when the scene came for the Dad to have to compassionately kill the pet wolf/dog, I lost it.  There was sobbing and  blubbering about “why did they have to SHOW that part?”  Scott gently reminded me that it wasn’t real and that the wolf didn’t actually get killed, but man…that was rough.  These hormones are tricky.

*So, can we take a vote, just for fun’s sake?  The time is growing nearer to finding out (hopefully) what we are having.  I’d like to know everyone’s guess ahead of time.  What say you all??  BOY or GIRL?  Leave your guess in the comments (even those of you that have never left a comment – now’s your chance to make your voice heard!)


At least one of the three was free.

So, it was my birthday last week.  I have a tradition of refusing to work on my birthday, and this year it worked out great since my birthday landed on a  Friday.  Long weekend! I slept in a bit and met Kristi for a nice long lunch, and was delivered flowers from my very thoughtful husband.

Speaking of whom…he went out on a limb this year for my birthday present, and was hugely successful!  (Though, when is he ever not, am I right?)   Very early on in our relationship he gave me a jewelry box for Christmas and over the years, I have…outgrown it.  A while back I had mentioned in passing that my jewelry collection was starting to unite and form its own government in there, and this was his solution to prevent total anarchy:

This is the best jewelry ‘armoire’ ever.  Both of the sides open for necklace hanging and the top flips up with more space for rings and bracelets and earrings.  And the drawers!  Look at all of those!  The storage possibilities are endless.

To say I love it would be an understatement, but it was not the only new thing that made it into our house recently.  We knew that we needed some art for the living room wall above the couch. It was pretty bare and we wanted to consider the living room ‘done’ so we did some searching and found a piece we liked.  We braved pouring rain and Friday night shopping crowds in order to bring this baby home:

It's technically called 'Autumn Elegance' but we refer to it as 'Red Trees'.

It’s about 5′ by 2.5′ (the picture makes it look deceptively small) and goes great in the room.  Now we can check that room off the list.  On to the next!

And last but not least, we inherited this really cool china cabinet from Scott’s great aunt after she passed away.

I know she would be so happy that we have it, and you would never guess how old it is, given that it looks like such a modern style.  The glass is all original, though, and has that uneven look to it which just makes it that much cooler.  Now that I have a display space for it, all I need to do is pull out the boxes with my grandmother’s china.

If you come to my house for Thanksgiving this year you can eat off of it and feel really special.


And so it begins….

We had another eventful few days this weekend, but thankfully no heavy lifting or excessive sweating was involved this time.  We drove to Houston on Saturday for a belated Mother’s Day visit and lunch and had such a nice time!  We got to chat a lot and catch up and Jim and Karen treated us to lunch at Pappadeaux which is always SO good.  They put their salad bowls in the freezer ahead of time, and seriously, I love that!  When the salad comes out totally chilled it just makes it for me.  I told Scott that I just need someone to make me a chilled salad and I would eat one with dinner every single night.  We compromised by buying a tub of mixed greens and some cherry tomatoes at the store for me to make it myself.  I’m not sure it will be the same, but we’ll see how it goes.

On Sunday we got up late and headed into Austin to make use of a brunch Groupon that I had that was about to expire.  Had we known that we would get to have some of the best biscuits and gravy ever, we certainly would have used that Groupon sooner.  Anyway, before we left the restaurant, I suggested that maybe we could stop by the nearby baby store to see a stroller in person that I had been eyeballing online.  hahaha.  To my surprise he agreed!  So we headed on over…it was only a few minutes away, so it totally made sense to do it while we were right there.

The store was crazy busy, and the stroller section was a little bit…jam packed, but we managed to see some stuff we liked.  We checked out strollers and car seats and cribs, and I think we might have settled on a  good crib choice.

We like the dark wood color and the price is right.  And it’s one of those cribs that can convert into a toddler bed, daybed  and then later to a full size bed.  (Necessary conversion kits are sold separately….of course.)  But I think it will look really nice up against the yellow walls, and finding the ‘just right’ crib bedding is going to be a fun hunt!  No official decisions have been made yet, but we’ve gotten the ball rolling, and as Scott said, his indoctrination has begun.


Weekend Recap

Well, this was a weekend chock full of interesting events.  (Also, it is of note that Sunday hit a record high temperature of 98 degrees.  This will be important later on.)  Being that it was my first ‘honorary’ Mother’s Day, Scott surprised me with 4 (FOUR!) boxes of Bissinger’s chocolate treats.  The man knows the way to my heart…and also that he gets to eat half of the goodies, since we always share them equally.  He said they weren’t necessarily for Mother’s Day, but maybe a present just because he loves me.  Awwww!

Saturday I went to the mall for a bit in the afternoon and thoroughly wore myself out.  I am noticing that I’m having a little bit harder time breathing, and since I have been trained (hi mom!) to walk really fast and purposefully in the mall, I noticed that I had to force myself to walk slower so I could breathe a bit easier.  I got home and parked myself on the porch with my Kindle to relax for a while. And good thing I relaxed then, because Sunday was not a day of rest.

We got up and pretty much headed straight to Home Depot.  Not really my favorite way to start the day, but hey, *I* didn’t have to load 19 (80 lb) bags of concrete into the back of the truck, so who am I to complain?  My job was to carry the metal bolts.  Sunday was the day for pouring the concrete foundation for the long-awaited, much-anticipated greenhouse!  To say  the least, I worked hard.  Scott, however, worked MUCH harder. Under the blazing  sun (see above re: record high temperature) we mixed and poured concrete and Scott placed the anchor bolts, and got it done.

Wood forms before concrete installation.

Close up of concrete and anchors. (Those are the bolts I carried at Home Depot!)

But it was hard, hard work, and unfortunately we were out there right in the prime heat of the day.  It was sweaty and filthy work, but nothing a couple of Flavor Ices couldn’t fix.

Right about the time we finished cleaning up and came inside, I spoke to Lisa on the phone, and she said that she was having contractions that were close together and feeling pretty steady and strong.  yay!  This is it!  While Scott and I rewarded all of our hard work with dinner at Chuy’s, Lisa and Josh headed off to the birthing center to have that baby.  I kept my phone by me all night, and at 4:45am, I got the text from Josh that said “it’s a girl!”  Oh, such relief that everyone was OK, and baby Ada had arrived.  (Coincidentally, my eyes popped open about 3:30am and I could not go back to sleep to save my life.  3:30am my time is 1:30 am Portland time, and little Miss Ada was born at 1:26am.  My brain must have known that she had just entered the world!  At least that’s what I’m telling myself.)

So now I’m an Aunt for the 5th time!!  That’s a record that neither Ali or Lisa have.  I win!


The beans are spilled.

Things are kind of quiet around here…I think I’m coming off of an Easter sugar high, so I’m feeling very mellow. Everything seems to be progressing along as expected, and I think hope that in the next couple of weeks that my stomach will start to look less like I’ve been pounding down the cookies and more like I’ve got a baby growing in there.  I wore an outfit yesterday that seemed to make my small bump a little more noticeable, and as one of my co-workers told me today, “you won’t be able to hide THAT much longer!”

Speaking of not hiding things; yesterday the Great Facebook Announcement was made, which means that now the news is officially ‘out’ (except for my work).  Only 2 people at work have been told, but I think for everyone else, I’ll just let nature do its thing, and they’ll eventually figure it out on their own.  Most of my co-workers (and boss!) are in another state or overseas, so I can get away with not telling them for as long as I’d like, until the rumor mill starts, that is, which is always a possibility.

In other news, Scott found a really great Craigslist deal on a recumbent bike that we snagged last night!

We have talked about replacing our freebie stationery bike with a recumbent for a while, but now that I’m pregnant, the recumbent seems like a better idea all around, so he jumped on it.   It’s super quiet and smooth and I think I’ll do an introductory workout on it tonight.  (I bet it won’t chafe my thighs like the seat on the upright bike did.)



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