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I had another midwife appointment today and all was good.  Urine checked out fine, baby’s heartbeat was 148 bpm, my fundal height was measuring at 25 cm (I’ll be 22 weeks along on Friday, so baby boy has done some pretty decent growing over the last couple of weeks!), and my weight officially clocked in at 10 lbs up from my starting weight.  My BP was a little high (136/60), but they didn’t seem concerned.  I told them I had still been checking it periodically at home and it was always nice and low, so they were OK with that.

The word is now official that I will begin working part-time hours from home starting at the beginning of August.  This is excellent for so many reasons:

-I’ll still have a bit of money coming in

-I won’t have to make the 25 minute drive to the office 2 times a day (saving me on gas money and eating out lunch money!)

-My workload is going to drop significantly and I’ll be mostly doing behind the scenes, low-stress reports and invoicing, etc.

-I’ll have plenty of time to exercise when want to, take it easy if I need to, nest to my heart’s content and just generally prepare for the upcoming changes.

All in all, I am SO thrilled that my company is making this exception for me – I feel very lucky!  It is not their policy to allow people to work from home, so that they think enough of me as an employee to even want to keep me on part time AND allow me to do it from home means alot.

In other news, Scott and I took advantage of the blazing sun this weekend and went for a nice long walk  at the park (about 4 miles in all).  It was really quite hot, and we largely overestimated the amount of shade that the trail offered, so we both got a bit more sun than intended, but still we had a great time hanging out together.  We had planned to stop at a park along the trail to lay in the sun for a bit, so I wore my new maternity bating suit that is just so darn cute!  I wore the top with some yoga pants for the walking portion, since I thought it would seem really strange for me to just walk the whole trail in just a bathing suit and tennis shoes.

My posture looks bad, but the bathing suit is cute!

We wore ourselves out and were very happy to get back into the truck with some AC blowing full blast.  Once we got home we got cleaned up and went to do the grocery shopping, and by the time were were finishing up with that,  my back was hurting and I was so tired that we headed on home, and once I got the groceries put away, Scott ordered me to the couch, brought me a drink and made dinner, made some tea (my favorite!) and cleaned up the kitchen while I watched some Law & Order.  I know he was exhausted himself and just wanted to sit down, but he handled things without a peep.  He’s pretty awesome like that.






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