The beans are spilled.

Things are kind of quiet around here…I think I’m coming off of an Easter sugar high, so I’m feeling very mellow. Everything seems to be progressing along as expected, and I think hope that in the next couple of weeks that my stomach will start to look less like I’ve been pounding down the cookies and more like I’ve got a baby growing in there.  I wore an outfit yesterday that seemed to make my small bump a little more noticeable, and as one of my co-workers told me today, “you won’t be able to hide THAT much longer!”

Speaking of not hiding things; yesterday the Great Facebook Announcement was made, which means that now the news is officially ‘out’ (except for my work).  Only 2 people at work have been told, but I think for everyone else, I’ll just let nature do its thing, and they’ll eventually figure it out on their own.  Most of my co-workers (and boss!) are in another state or overseas, so I can get away with not telling them for as long as I’d like, until the rumor mill starts, that is, which is always a possibility.

In other news, Scott found a really great Craigslist deal on a recumbent bike that we snagged last night!

We have talked about replacing our freebie stationery bike with a recumbent for a while, but now that I’m pregnant, the recumbent seems like a better idea all around, so he jumped on it.   It’s super quiet and smooth and I think I’ll do an introductory workout on it tonight.  (I bet it won’t chafe my thighs like the seat on the upright bike did.)



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