Weekend Recap

Well, this was a weekend chock full of interesting events.  (Also, it is of note that Sunday hit a record high temperature of 98 degrees.  This will be important later on.)  Being that it was my first ‘honorary’ Mother’s Day, Scott surprised me with 4 (FOUR!) boxes of Bissinger’s chocolate treats.  The man knows the way to my heart…and also that he gets to eat half of the goodies, since we always share them equally.  He said they weren’t necessarily for Mother’s Day, but maybe a present just because he loves me.  Awwww!

Saturday I went to the mall for a bit in the afternoon and thoroughly wore myself out.  I am noticing that I’m having a little bit harder time breathing, and since I have been trained (hi mom!) to walk really fast and purposefully in the mall, I noticed that I had to force myself to walk slower so I could breathe a bit easier.  I got home and parked myself on the porch with my Kindle to relax for a while. And good thing I relaxed then, because Sunday was not a day of rest.

We got up and pretty much headed straight to Home Depot.  Not really my favorite way to start the day, but hey, *I* didn’t have to load 19 (80 lb) bags of concrete into the back of the truck, so who am I to complain?  My job was to carry the metal bolts.  Sunday was the day for pouring the concrete foundation for the long-awaited, much-anticipated greenhouse!  To say  the least, I worked hard.  Scott, however, worked MUCH harder. Under the blazing  sun (see above re: record high temperature) we mixed and poured concrete and Scott placed the anchor bolts, and got it done.

Wood forms before concrete installation.

Close up of concrete and anchors. (Those are the bolts I carried at Home Depot!)

But it was hard, hard work, and unfortunately we were out there right in the prime heat of the day.  It was sweaty and filthy work, but nothing a couple of Flavor Ices couldn’t fix.

Right about the time we finished cleaning up and came inside, I spoke to Lisa on the phone, and she said that she was having contractions that were close together and feeling pretty steady and strong.  yay!  This is it!  While Scott and I rewarded all of our hard work with dinner at Chuy’s, Lisa and Josh headed off to the birthing center to have that baby.  I kept my phone by me all night, and at 4:45am, I got the text from Josh that said “it’s a girl!”  Oh, such relief that everyone was OK, and baby Ada had arrived.  (Coincidentally, my eyes popped open about 3:30am and I could not go back to sleep to save my life.  3:30am my time is 1:30 am Portland time, and little Miss Ada was born at 1:26am.  My brain must have known that she had just entered the world!  At least that’s what I’m telling myself.)

So now I’m an Aunt for the 5th time!!  That’s a record that neither Ali or Lisa have.  I win!


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