So, not a lot has been going on baby-wise this week, and I noticed the other day that I had some pictures on my phone that I thought might be worth sharing, at the same time I caught everyone up on the weekend recap.

This past weekend Scott and I got to spend a lot of quality time together.  We started off on Friday night by deciding to go out to eat and then to a movie.  But there wasn’t really much showing at the theater that we were interested in seeing, except ‘The Help,’ which I had planned on just going to see by myself one day since I considered it a chick-flick and didn’t think Scott would be interested.  I loved the book so much, that I was really anticipating the movie coming out, but nervous that it wouldn’t live up.  But… I had heard from friends that the movie was well done and a good representation of the book so I was hopeful!  Anyhow, lacking anything else that sparked our interest, we just decided to go out to eat and then come back home and watch a movie here, so we went ahead and got ready to go.   But when I came downstairs, there were 2 tickets to ‘The Help’ printed out and ready to go!  Yay!  So we had a fine time out to dinner, wandering around Barnes and Noble to kill some time, and then heading to the movie.  MMMMmmm..Coke and Reese’s Pieces.

(Side note:  The movie was very good.  I was quite happy with it, and even Scott liked it a lot.  Of course, there was a lot of stuff left out, and the characters can’t be quite as developed as they were in the book, which is understandable.  There’s only so much info you can fit into a 2.5 hour movie.  But overall, they did a great job with it.  I even dreamed about those characters that night – and they were all knocking around in my head for  day or two after, as well.  Kind of like getting to see, and visit with, old friends, but then having to say goodbye again.  They stick with you for a while!)

And then on Saturday, we had planned to drive out to this gas station in Circleville (which is seriously a map-dot town about 20-30 minutes away from Georgetown) for lunch – Scott had a recommendation for fantastic hamburgers at a gas station there, from one of his co-workers, so we decided to be brave and check it out.  I really wish I would have snapped a picture or two of this place, but there was no need to draw anymore attention to ourselves.  I’m pretty sure they all knew we were ‘not from around those parts.’   It literally was an old, run-down gas station, kind of combined with an antique junk store, and it seriously looked like a perfect movie set for a scene where some hapless folks from out-of-town are driving through, and stop in for directions, never to be seen again.  Obviously we made it out fine, and the burgers were quite good, but the place…well, I wish you all could have been there.

After lunch we drove around Taylor, Texas and Granger, Texas just for the heck of it.  Mostly checking out the old, abandoned downtown areas and all the really cool old industrial buildings that Scott would love to get his hands on.  And we stopped at this one really old historic home that was for sale in Granger and peeked in the windows and walked all around it, until we noticed some indicators that maybe someone actually still lived in it, so we got back in the car and took off before we got busted for being peeping toms.

Some shaved ice for me, and coffee for Scott, on the way home, and we were happy.  I can’t really remember what happened on Sunday, so it must not have been too exciting, so we’ll just skip over it.

On to the random pictures!

So, Mom and I found this picture when I was in FL, and I loved it so much that I took a picture of it just so I could have it.   It’s of me and Lisa and I really would love to know why I’m looking at her so suspiciously.  She says she was probably pinching me under the towel.  Also, be amazed, because Mom still has that towel in her possession.

Here is the finished china cabinet project!  Which really wasn’t a ‘project’ at all – it was just me unpacking all the china and putting it in the cabinet, but it took a while…so…project!  It turned out that every single piece fit just fine and looks quite nice, if I do say so myself.  It is a full 12 place settings, with more plates for each setting than I really know what to do with, a coffee pot with sugar and creamer vessels, gravy boat with its own saucer, serving platters and a covered vegetable dish and an uncovered….other vegetable dish?

If anyone has a guess to why there are 14 coffee cups, but only 11 saucers, let me know.

I’m glad it’s done…hopefully the dishes will see some use, finally, during the upcoming holidays.

And just because the cats don’t get enough airtime here, a gratuitous picture of Bodhi in one of his latest favorite sleeping spots.


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