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Work has been so, so busy lately, and what with family visiting and my packed social calendar (heh.), I just have not had the extra time to post anything other than the standard weekly update progress reports, and I know that can get kind of old after a while, with nothing else to break it up in between.  SO!  Here I am to announce that today marks the official ‘100 days left’ portion of this pregnancy.  After today, we’ll be in double-digit territory!

We have baby furniture on order, two (2!) baby showers in the works (how lucky are we, I ask you?), and the other day I went through the accumulated clothes that this baby already owns…and let’s just say, he won’t be going around naked, that’s for sure.  Everyone is very excited about this baby’s arrival, and I can’t help but feel so amazed that someone who is not even here yet, can have such a huge impact on so many people.

I mentioned before that my friend Kristi is throwing us a local shower here in Austin, and now also the ladies in Scott’s family have also offered to throw a shower in Houston for all the Houston family/friends!  The Austin shower will be on Sept 24th, and the Houston shower will be on Sept 3rd.   I sort of feel like I should start to see if I know anyone in Dallas and San Antonio that also needs to throw a shower, so that my tour of major cities of Texas will be complete.  🙂  Honestly, though, I am so excited for these get togethers with all my family and friends.  I don’t get to see everyone nearly enough, and if you offer me the chance to get to hang out and visit with them all, AND you serve me cake and punch, it’s pretty much the best thing I can think of.

I’ve got another post brewing for sometime in the next several days…sort of a recap of the visit Scott and I just had with some of my family, and there should be pictures included.  I know everyone loves pictures!  Also, I’ll include my most recent midwife appt update. (Spoiler: it went fine).

But for now…back to work!



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