So, here’s what happened.

Well, thankfully my family’s fertility is no joke.  The history seems to be, if you are a female in my family, you’re going to get pregnant, whether you really mean to….or not.  HA!

We got lucky on only our second month of trying.  Scott said he really felt like I was going to get pregnant the first month, but I didn’t think so.  And I wasn’t.  And then he said he totally didn’t think I was going to get pregnant the second month.  I didn’t think so either.  (pessimism, what?)  Things were gong along just like normal (read: not pregnant) and I suddenly got sick.  Real sick, like it started with a fever, and morphed into coughing and a runny nose, and by the end it felt like razors when I would swallow, and my ears were aching.  Just general misery.

I lasted at home for two and a half days, and on that Friday got up first thing and looked up the closest Urgent Care place and made a beeline for it.  They had a sign in there that said something along the lines of “if you have a bad cough, let someone know, in case it’s the flu”.  So, I told the lady at the desk and she made me wear one of those medical face masks so as not to infect the rest of the sick people in the waiting room.  (Well, and to not infect her, either, I guess.  She probably wasn’t sick.)  So, the doctor checked me out and told me he would give me some antibiotics and some decongestants, etc, and I mentioned that there was a chance I could be pregnant, but it was sort of too early in the cycle to take a test, so I wasn’t sure, but didn’t know if I could take those drugs if I was.  He had me take a test and said, ‘if it’s negative, no problem!’

It was negative, so I took myself immediately to get relief from the pharmacy, and also a pint of ice cream. (The Dr. suggested it for my throat!) The next day I already felt tons better, and was looking forward to the fact that Monday was a work holiday and I got to stay home anyhow.  Well, Monday came and I noticed that my skin was doing this weird thing…it was….NOT breaking out.  And my period was only supposed to be about 4 days away, so that was unusual.  I had a couple of cheap pregnancy tests in the bathroom, and I figured, why not?

So I took one…and while I waited for the result, I got ready to go pick up Madison from the vet, where she had just had her teeth cleaned.   And I went back to look, there was a definite plus sign!


And then to verify a while later:

We’re having a baby!


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