We have lost our minds.

So, with only 8 weeks to go, you would think that we were about ready to clear out the last of the miscellaneous stuff from the baby’s room, and start putting together the crib and folding clothes, and hanging pictures on the wall, etc.  However,  on Scott’s birthday yesterday, clearly dementia began to set in for both of us, and instead, this is what we decided to do:








We thought it was a great time to put in a  new floor!  And really, it needed to be done – the floorboards underneath the existing (gross) carpet were really squeaky, and it was bothering both of us.  And since the whole room is getting a decoration overhaul, it makes sense to go ahead and replace the floor and the baseboards and give it a complete fresh start all at the same time.  Thankfully this is not Scott’s first flooring replacement rodeo, so at least we know what we are in for.

We are sticking with the laminate flooring that we have used throughout the downstairs, since it it easy to install, and doesn’t dent or scratch.  Easy to clean, too!  Which will be handy in a  little boy’s room, when you consider the likely “pee” (or other bodily fluid ) events that are going to happen, and later on, the throwing and dropping of toys, etc.  We chose a relatively neutral color so that it will (hopefully) blend with any future wall and furniture colors. For the time being though, we’ll just put down an area rug that coordinates with the room colors, for a nice soft spot to play or hang out.

We’ll Scott’ll have this flooring project done in no time, and together we’ll have all the details completed by the time everyone is in town for the shower on the 25th, so you can rest assured that you will get to see a cute, finished nursery if you will be here in person.  But, if not, don’t worry, I’ll make sure to post lots of pictures!

And just a quick snippet to say Happy Birthday to the best husband ever.  This will likely be our most eventful year so far, but I am sure it will also be our best.  I’m so happy to be bringing this baby into the world with you.  I love you!


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