Florida trip recap…and pictures!

So, better late than never, I say!  U and I went to Florida to see my folks about 2 weeks ago…or 3?  Anyway, we had a great time – we stayed for almost a week, which was nice…our travel days didn’t feel back to back that way and we had plenty of time to do all sorts of stuff.  Urijah isn’t quite old enough to really enjoy stuff like the zoo, so we skipped doing stuff like that where we would have all just paid a lot of money to sweat profusely, when, really, we can do that for free at home.  Instead we played with all the many toys at Gram and Grandpa’s house, we went to the beach, we met up with some friends at the art museum to play around in the kids section (such a huge hit last time we were there we did it again, and all for free!), and we ate, and ate and ate.  Oh, and of, course, Mom and I shopped some, but not as much as we used to, since now we have a little person tagging along who can only take so much confined stroller time.

The trip to the beach was a big highlight, and I had my doubts about how it would go.  I pictured us schlepping all the stuff it takes to go to the beach for a few hours down the super long boardwalk, getting set up, only to have Urijah decide he was tired/hungry/unsure about how the sand felt on his hands, etc.  BUT! I was so pleasantly surprised when he LOVED it.


He wanted to go right into the water and since it was an overcast day and even sort of drizzling while we were there, the water was pretty rough, and the waves were coming in fast and hard.  No fear for this kid, though.  He wanted to stand in the shallow water and let those waves crash into him again and again.


He laughed like crazy and held onto our hands while we lifted him up for the bigger waves and made sure he didn’t get sucked out to sea.  He was quite happy to sit in the very wet sand and let it drizzle out of his fingers and later to run up and down the beach and in and out of the water’s edge.




A nice lady passing by offered to take our picture, so we took her up on it.  Nice!


But not before an inopportune wave tried to mess it all up.


(I love Urijah’s face in this one…happiness!  Also please notice his 2 little handfuls of sand..not letting those go no matter what.  Andy my death grip on his arm.)

The rest of the trip was pretty relaxed, so here are just some fun hanging out shots.




(I’m pretty sure everyone was recruited to do some sweeping at some point.  He loves to scoop up dirt and dump it in the trash!)

Thanks for the fun visit Gram and Grandpa!




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