Quiet week

Not too much going on over here this week, but I thought I’d share a couple of photos from Urijah’s photo shoot back in August.  My friend Hannah is starting her photography business and I won a little contest she offered on Facebook, so I got a free 30 minute photo shoot.  And because she is so rad, it ended up being more like 2 hours and she just kept shooting!  We had a great time and U was totally cooperative and just down right adorable.  I won’t post too many pictures here, because it’s a pretty good possibility that you all will be getting a framed picture for Christmas and I want those to be a surprise.  Is there a cut-off for when it’s weird for me to give out framed pictures of my kids?  I hope not.

Here are a handful of cute shots! (Click to view larger)







Most of the pictures were taken on the Southwestern University campus by our house (really beautiful location for pictures!) and they have two nice fountains that were very tempting on such a hot day.  Since it was at the end of the shoot we decided to be daring and let U get in the water and play around.  It was a good decision to break to rules (even though I was on high alert for some authority figure to come running out and tell us we were in trouble.  Totally didn’t happen.) because the water pictures turned out really cute and he loved it!




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