One trimester down, 2 more to go!

So, I’m counting today (13w4d) as the official first day of my second trimester.  (40 weeks divided by 3, etc…)  It’s going pretty well, I must say!  Not much change from the 1st trimester, really, but that’s a good thing, since I’ve had such an easy time with this pregnancy so far.

I’ve started doing some registry research and making a list of things I think we’ll want to register for.  Mostly I’m waiting for Lisa to have the Bloob, so she can try out a lot of stuff that I know we are both interested in and give me her yay or nay votes on it all.  I’m using her as my own personal Consumer Reports.

We’re lucky, though, in that the room we are planning to use for the baby’s room, is already painted a nice bright yellow, so  check one thing off the list as ‘already done’.  We’re overachievers!  So, it only makes sense that the color scheme will be yellow, with some more gender-specific colors thrown in to pull it all together.  So maybe some yellow with brown and blue?  Or a little yellow with pink and green?    Or yellow with grey and white?   So many options!  Thankfully we’ve still got plenty of time to narrow it down.

I did make a purchase last week that was just too good to pass up…I knew I wanted some form of baby carrier, and the Ergo has such good reviews online and everyone seems to love it.  So when I saw that babysteals was offering it as the daily special for $57, I couldn’t resist!  Normally the Ergo Sport carrier is $115, so, yeah…SCORE!

It’s such a cute baby blue color, I won’t mind carting around a boy or a girl in it, especially knowing I got such a deal.  You can use this  carrier from newborn to toddlerhood, and it works as a front, back and even hip carrier with some small adjustments.  I’d like to try to put Madison in it for a test drive,  but, you know, I don’t want to get cat hair all over it.


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