39 weeks

What’s new with the baby?
Baby keeps growing, despite being so crowded in there. He probably weighs around 6.2 to 9.2 pounds and measures about 18.9 to 20.9 inches. By week 39, your baby is probably able to flex his limbs. His brain is still rapidly developing and he’s getting smarter by the week!
Food comparison this week is… (good lord…a watermelon.  Sheesh.)
How am I feeling?
Today – pretty good.  Yesterday and Sunday, not so much.  I’ve been having some pubic symphysis pain on and off…which makes movement uncomfortable, and on Sunday, I stood up very quickly from a sitting position and almost immediately that seemed to make everything shift and separate a bit more and the pain was even worse.  I was pretty much useless for the rest of the day and most of the day Monday, as well.  I just had to sit still and rest. Which…seems to have helped, because last night and today it feels much, much better!  Still not gone all the way, but that probably won’t really resolve itself until after I have the baby and all the hormones level out and my ligaments start to go back to normal.  It’s pretty hard to get out of bed at night, and since I am waking up to go to the bathroom about 4 or 5 times a night, it is kind of an ordeal.  I have to move VERY slowly and while I don’t particularly watch the clock, I imagine it takes me about a full minute to roll over, sit up and get up out of the bed and moving towards the bathroom.
At my appt yesterday, everything checked out fine.  My blood pressure was good (116/78), baby’s heartrate was around 142 and he’s still definitely head down, with his hand up by his face.  (Urijah was in that position, too!)  So…we went ahead and scheduled the 40 week appt.  We’ll see if I get to that point!  The midwife did say that it didn’t feel like the baby was all the way down in my pelvis and that his head was sort of right at the edge of my pubic bone (which was probably also contributing to the pain since that area is already tender).  Wouldn’t is just be unexpected if I go overdue with this one?  I don’t think anyone would have seen that coming!
Weight gain?
Still at 29 lbs….
What do I miss?  What am I looking forward to?

I miss not being in pain….I remember at the end of my pregnancy with U, I had really bad sciatic pain and I really felt for anyone who dealt with chronic pain, because it is downright miserable.  And this time, it is this pubic symphysis pain that makes standing up, rolling over, walking, etc, all pretty darn uncomfortable.  Once it’s all done, I’ll be glad.  Looking forward to?  I think that’s pretty obvious.

The infant car seat is now installed in the backseat of the car!  Urijah’s seat got moved to behind the driver’s seat, because with the infant seat installed rear-facing, you can’t fully slide the drivers seat back, so we had to switch the seats so that the front passenger just has to sit a notch or two forward to accommodate.  Seems like a better option to make sure that the driver is seated comfortably, huh?

Highlights of the week?

I got nothin.  Just taking it day by day.

Belly pic:

I’m looking pretty raggedy right now, or else I would just take a quick one in the mirror.  I’ll see about getting Scott to take one this evening.

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