15 weeks!

What’s going on this week:

Your growing baby now measures about 4 inches long, crown to rump, and weighs in at about 2 1/2 ounces (about the size of an apple). She’s busy moving amniotic fluid through her nose and upper respiratory tract, which helps the primitive air sacs in her lungs begin to develop. Her legs are growing longer than her arms now, and she can move all of her joints and limbs. Although her eyelids are still fused shut, she can sense light. If you shine a flashlight at your tummy, for instance, she’s likely to move away from the beam. There’s not much for your baby to taste at this point, but she is forming taste buds. Finally, if you have an ultrasound this week, you may be able to find out whether your baby’s a boy or a girl! (Don’t be too disappointed if it remains a mystery, though. Nailing down your baby’s sex depends on the clarity of the picture and on your baby’s position. He or she may be modestly curled up or turned in such a way as to “hide the goods.”)


My Update:

Due Date: November 4, 2011 – 175 days to go!

Weight Gain: +5 lbs (from pre-preg weight).  The midwife said I’m right on track.  That was nice to hear.

Symptoms:  Nothing this week.

Cravings/Aversions: I still want fruit all the time.  Cold fruit, preferably!

Sleep: Still good, although my legs keep going to sleep, too…I think I need to start using a pillow between my knees to help support my hips.  Maybe that will make a difference.

I am loving: Uhhhh…fruit?

I miss:  Not much…

Movement: Not yet.

It’s a: I *still* think it’s a boy.  About 3 weeks till we can find out (if the baby cooperates.)

Exercise: Moving on!  Next category?

Diet: OK…pretty regular.  I’m mostly so tired and ‘done’ by the time I get home from work that we’ve been eating weird stuff, since I mostly don’t feel like cooking.  Scott was eating leftover pizza last night, so I ate a bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats with almond milk, a sliced up tomato and  a few salt and vinegar potato chips.

Looking forward to: The anatomy scan ultrasound in a few weeks.  And also my birthday!

Belly Shot:

Huh. I look a little 'deer in the headlights' here.

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