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So, not too much has been going on here recently.  The biggest excitement is that we are now the very proud new owners of a sprinkler system.  This has been on our wish-list for years now, and Scott finally made it happen.  Meaning that he made the calls and dealt with the sprinkler companies (I say multiple companies because despite what the news would have you think about the economy, apparently small sprinkler businesses in Texas are SO overbooked with work that they cannot return a phone call about a job) and got it done.  It only took them 2 days to install it, minus one flower-bed drip line that we are still pending.  We’ll see how much hassle it will be to get them back out to finish up that one little detail, now that the rest is done.

Our front and back yards (and flowerbeds!) will now be showered with live-giving water on Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays,  (with essentially no effort on our part!) and we expect to have a beautiful, fluffy green lawn in no time.  This is going to be SUCH a huge time saver for Scott during the summer months.  No more hours and hours of moving sprinklers around.

And I’m pretty sure that I never wowed you all with the really cute pics from my recent trip to Portland to meet Ada, so with no other big news to report, now’s the time!



Looks like she fell asleep while bored.

She loves me...clearly!




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