Adventures in Cloth Diapering

So, since not everyone is familiar with cloth diapers, and I know that all the horror stories of rubber pants and safety pins that we have all heard strike fear into the hearts of moms everywhere, I thought it would be fun to give you all a quick little rundown on how cool the new generation of cloth diapers are.

These are not our mama’s cloth diapers.  They have been updated, simplified, and are just flat out adorable.  (There are lot of variations and options- these are the ones that I have chosen after doing a lot of research on what’s available.)

Here we go!

They come in so many colors and patterns – so cute!

I've got all solid colors so far!

These are one size diapers and are completely size-adjustable:  snaps all across the front so they can be adjusted to fit from newborn to toddlerhood.

You can see on the opened side, the little button with elastic - that is to adjust the leg opening.

Both sides have the elastic to adjust the leg tightness, and there is elastic across the back to adjust the fit there, as well.  Once you find the size that fits at each stage, you can set every diaper to the same fit.

Lots of snaps!!

The outer layer of the diaper is waterproof fabric – the inside is soft, fleecy fabric that goes up against baby’s skin.

These diapers each come with 2 absorbent inserts that go into a ‘pocket’ between the 2 layers of fabric.

You just stuff the insert in there and you’re good to go!  (You can put more than one insert in there for nighttime, to absorb more, if needed.)

Insert is in!

When it’s time to wash, you put the whole thing into the washing machine (you can shake out the insert, or just leave it in – the agitation from the washing machine will shake it loose, regardless.) Then you can either dry them in the dryer or line dry.  I hope that being in Texas with plenty of sunshine, I’ll be able to save  some wear and tear on the diapers and line dry them for a good portion of the year.  Plus, the sun is good for bleaching out any stains.

And there you go!

Heathcliff gives them a thumbs up.



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