Sisters! And a whole heap of pictures.

Last week/weekend, Scott and I had a female invasion (until Josh arrived, that is)!  Lisa and Ada arrived on Wednesday and Ali and Grace showed up that same night a little later on.  I am so, so glad that my sisters and I get along so well as adults.  We truly love to hang out together, so an occasion to get together is always something to look forward to.

We hit it off!

This trip included a lot of firsts for Ada, who was only 11 weeks old at the time.   First plane rides, first swim, first wedding, and first bath in a bucket.  She is such a happy, adorable baby and won us all over!

She loved it!

Lisa, Ada, Ali, Grace and I did lots of shopping and even got in a pool trip while Ada slept at home with Scott on duty.  It was SO SO hot here during the visit (as it is every day all summer!) so the pool was such a nice escape.

Ali brought us a bunch of goodies for the baby and I’ll include those pictures on my next nursery update post, but included was a bassinet for us to have for when the baby arrives, and it worked out perfectly since Ada used it the whole time for sleeping and napping.  I think she might have been sad to leave it behind when she left.

Grace and I had the fun adventure of working together to clean up a blowout diaper while we were in a restaurant, and I was so impressed with how adept she is…I think she’s gotten a lot of baby practice with her nephew Tripp.  By the time I got Ada’s outfit unbuttoned, Grace already had the wipes and a fresh diaper out of the bag and ready to hand to me.  I think she’ll make a killing in a  few years bringing in the babysitting cash!

Josh arrived Friday night, and on Saturday morning early Ali and Grace had to leave, so not much overlap time there, but Saturday night we had a wedding to go to, and, you know?  It’s true what they say about everything taking longer with a baby.  Who knew?!  But, we all made it to the wedding, and everyone was dressed well, so it was a success.

Don’t you love how color coordinated Lisa and Josh are?  And Lisa made Ada’s dress!

This was practice for Scott and I.

After all the activity on Saturday, we were able to relax for a bit on Sunday and got in some gaming time in Scott’s recently revamped home arcade.  We had a bunch of games going at once and apparently, while possibly seizure-inducing, the lights and sounds of all those games at once is also a fantastic baby-sleep inducer.  But, before she fell asleep, Ada worked on her high-score on Pac-Man a bit.

Lisa also worked on her scores:

And then…Monday morning Lisa and Josh headed down into Austin to do some visiting and it was back to work, as usual, for Scott and I.  And we were sad.  BUT!  They are all coming back soon!  And even more of them! In September!  That’s only weeks away! I’m counting down.  🙂


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