Nursery progress to date

Well, as far as putting together the nursery, there isn’t much actual progress, but I’ve got lots of pieces that will eventually come together in there, and so I’m going to document those for you today.  Because who loves baby stuff?  WE DO!

In all our infinite wisdom, years ago, we painted the baby’s room a nice bright yellow – that room used to house all of our workout equipment, and yellow seemed like a nice energizing color to workout in, so we went with it.  (It turns out we liked that color so much we also painted the laundry room the same shade.  And then when we moved the gym downstairs during a fit of rearranging the house, we used the exact same color all over again.  So yes, we have 3 rooms in our  house that are this color.  We like it, OK?)

I believe it is called ‘Chilled Lemonade’ by Behr, and it is the backdrop for most of these pictures, and shows up pretty true to life, I think.

So, to start with, an overview of what I like to refer to in my head as the ‘small loot.’  As opposed to the ‘big loot,’ which is the furniture and stuff.

Clothes, blankets, diapers, carriers, diaper bags, etc...

Crib mattress and changing pad. Necessary, but kind of boring.

My Ikea lamp has a home on this black shelf.  Along with baby’s first and second piggy banks, a piece of wall art still in the mailing envelope and some random screws…to the changing pad, I think?

Then came the special delivery from Oklahoma with with all sorts of ‘big loot.’

It has storage! And a removable Moses basket!

And the cradle that my Dad made about 20 years ago when Meredith was born.  Still in pieces, but that sucker ain’t light, so we’re going to wait a while to put it together since we’ll likely need to keep moving it around until it’s time for it to move to its final home downstairs.

Once it's on the stand, it can rock or be locked into place.

And for more big loot, the recently acquired crib (un-assembled, but you get the idea) , glider and ottoman!  Scott actually put together the glider in about 5 minutes after we opened all the boxes, so I wasted no time testing it out.  It glides, or can be locked into place and it even reclines!  All it needs is a cup holder.  (Just kidding Scott – I do not need a cup holder on the glider.  A side table will do just fine, instead.)

So comfy and cushy!

(Side note to my mom – those are the black pants you bought me!)

And last, just for some Awwws…tiny baby clothes hanging in the closet!  (I think I will paint the clothing rod white, so just imagine it that way for now.)

These are just the clothes that were ALREADY on hangers - not everything, by a long shot.

So, there you have it – that’s pretty much the extent of what we’ve got going on so far.  The glider is temporarily living in our bedroom, just so it’s out of the way, and the crib pieces are hanging out in the hallway, but soon and very soon it will all find its way to a very cute room for a soon to be arriving baby boy!


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