For the good of the baby….

This was my breakfast yesterday…before my blood draw to check for gestational diabetes.   It was a hard job, but it was my responsibility to do my best.  With Scott’s encouragement  of “you’d better pour the rest of that syrup on that pancake”, I was successful.  I should have the results back tomorrow.

The rest of my check up was fine, except that my blood pressure was high again.  So, I’m on an increased protein diet (100 grams a day!), extra hydration and lots of taking it easy and I go back on Thursday for them to recheck me.  I’m hoping that it was just that I was a tad anxious about the glucose test (not that I could do anything about it one way or the other…I just want everything to be fine and to be free of the concern of it, you know?) and that by Thursday my blood pressure numbers will be back to an acceptable range.

Other than that pesky BP, my urine checked out fine, weight gain was good, and the baby’s heartbeat sounds perfect.  Also, I noticed this past week that I started feeling what I am pretty sure are baby hiccups!  I can feel them really low down by my pelvic bone, so I was *hoping* that meant the baby was now head down. (he’s been pretty much transverse as far as they can tell at each appointment so far.) The midwife agreed that she thought he was in the head down position while she did all the palpating of my belly, so that’s good!  I know that he will probably change his alignment a time or two again between now and delivery, but at least I now know he knows HOW to get into the right position when the time comes.



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