Straight A Student

Well, to cut right to the chase, I aced both my glucose tolerance test and the BP re-check.

The glucose tolerance results came back perfect – my glucose was 81 (and they want it to be under 140), I’m not anemic, and my hemoglobin was behaving just right, as well.  Yay!  Cookies and desserts for everyone!  Well, everyone that took a glucose test and passed it, that is.  🙂

And despite being worried about it for most of the day, my BP was 118/63 when I went in for my quick re-check.  Heather, my midwife, was very pleased, and said to keep doing what I’ve been doing.  So, whew.

And, that’s about all the updates I’ve got for you today.

So, here, have a picture of my belly, in all its glory.


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