Road Trip!

We drove to Houston on Saturday.  We planned ahead to leave at Urijah’s naptime so he would sleep for part of the way and then we had the tablet all set up an arranged on the back of the passenger seat headrest, ready to play the Curious George movie to entertain him for the rest of the ride.  We never even had to turn the tablet on!  He slept pretty much the entire drive out to Nanny and Paw-Paw’s house and back home later that night.  Such a trooper.  Scott’s cousin got married and it was a nice change from our everyday to get dressed up and visit with family.  The wedding was really pretty and we had a great time!   We didn’t end up leaving to drive home till about 9:15 and U hung on till around 9:45, but then he passed out and slept all the way.  Whew.


So dapper!

So dapper!

Snacks were the key to lasting through the ceremony.

Snacks were the key to lasting through the ceremony.


I’m pretty sure that Urijah and Nanny went up and down that entire staircase about ten times that night.  You know, we have a staircase at home that he climbs all the time, but this one held a certain excitement, I guess.


These girls (plus some others) pretty much danced and spun around on that dance floor the entire time we were there.  They had a blast and I bet they slept really well that night!


All dressed up!


We didn’t get to eat any of this delicious looking wedding cake.  I’ll never understand why most people don’t do the cake cutting until after half the guests have already left.  Oh well.





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