Midwife appointment update

Quick update on the appointment yesterday.  Everything looked good.  The end.


Just kidding.  My blood pressure was fine (128/78, Ali), all my lab work from the last appointment came back perfect, and baby’s heartbeat sounded good at 157 beats per minute.  Heather did clarify that she thinks it’s very unlikely that there is more than one baby in there.  We should get to go for an ultrasound to find out the sex in about 4 weeks, and we can clear it up once and for all at that time!  The prenatal appointments are feeling very low key and quick.  Meaning that I’ve done this all before, so I don’t have all those first-timer questions and concerns.  After Heather checks all the stats, she asks if I have any questions or concerns, I say I don’t think so, and we kind of just hang around and chat for a while.  It’s nice!  Meanwhile, Urijah is acting like he owns the place by using the stethoscope, laying on pillows on the floor, and generally walking around being the boss.  We go to the birth center every week for our mom’s group, so he’s logged a lot of hours playing and having fun there.  It’s sort of his home away from home space, and he feels really comfortable.

The big question seems to be, will I be able to keep this baby in for the full 40 weeks this time, or will s/he be another early arrival.  Who knows?  Apparently it can go either way, but I’ll do my best to keep him/her in for the duration!



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