20 weeks – Halfway point! It’s all downhill from here. (just kidding)

What’s new with the baby?
Baby weighs about 10.2 ounces and measures about 6.5 inches. He’s still got a lot of growing to do, though.  At week 20, your baby has working taste buds, and he’s gulping down several ounces of amniotic fluid each day — that’s significantly more than before.
Food comparison this week is…
How am I feeling?
OK.  This past week the heartburn started.  I never had any heartburn with Urijah, so this is new territory for me.  But I know from Lisa’s experience that it’s pretty miserable.  So far, I’ve only had two nights where it’s woken me up and interrupted my sleep.  And it hasn’t really bothered me at all during the day…just nighttime.  The first night, I didn’t realize what it was for a while.  I kind of felt nauseated and uncomfortable, and tossed and turned quite a bit, and then it registered.  I got up and went downstairs to google what I could do about it.  Interestingly enough, I found a list of foods to eat that could help alleviate it, and apple was one of those things.  So, there I am, at 4 in the morning, standing at the kitchen sink eating an apple.  And you know what?  It totally worked.  In just a few minutes, in fact.  I think it also probably helped that I was practically sitting up in bed, propped up by pillows, when I fell back asleep, but whatever works!  The next night, I woke up really thirsty, so I got a couple of gulps of water from the bathroom sink and got back into bed, and in just a few minutes, the burning sensation started.  Water?  Really?  So I went back downstairs and had some more apple.  Seriously, a miracle food!  So, I haven’t had heartburn the last 2 or 3 nights, but I’ve made sure not to have anything to eat or drink for about 2 hours before going to bed, and I’m propping myself up on pillows at least until I fall asleep.  Seems to be working so far.  But if it comes back, I’ll keep using the apple trick as long as it works!
Also, yesterday and today, I seem to be dragging, energy-wise.  I’m hoping it’s a passing thing and I’ll feel more energized soon.  Urijah is at the go-go-go stage (can it be called a stage if it’s probably going to last for the next 10 years?) and he wants to either be climbing all over you like a jungle gym, or going “fa”!  That’s ‘fast’ for all you lay-people.  He loves to chase and wants to run, run, run – preferably with you running in front of him.  And I feel guilty that I always just want to say, “But, I’m tiiiired.”  So, we run.
Weight gain?
I’m not checking again until my next prenatal appt on October 8th!
What do I miss?  What am I looking forward to?

I miss….not much right now.  Looking forward to the family visit, Urijah’s birthday, and doing some fall activities.  Pumpkin patches, Halloween parties and whatnot.


Last night my volunteer shift for the consignment sale and today is when I get to shop early.  So, last night Scott and U were on their own for about 5 hours while I was working.  I’m hoping to find a booster seat for U (He’s about ready to quit using his highchair seat and really, is only about 4  pounds from the weight limit max on it, anyhow), maybe a Beco baby carrier (but I think that’s unlikely because people love those things and they are expensive, so I’ll be surprised if one happens to be at the sale…but you never know!), and maybe some books on potty training and preparing a toddler for a new sibling.  Oh, and maybe a Halloween costume for Urijah, as well.  Still can’t think of something good for him to be, so maybe there will be just the perfect thing there.  In addition to the clothes.

Highlights of the week?

I can’t think of anything specific except for some good rain that we got!  That’s always exciting and a big deal around here.  And especially when it leads to morning temps in the 60s.  Cause to celebrate!

Belly pic:

we’ll take one tonight and I’ll update it later…

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