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I love bargains!  I inherited that from my Mom.  But I also learned from my Dad that you get what you pay for, so when it counts, spend good money.  In this case, I think I did both.  The consignment sale that I  have been looking forward to was last night.  Well, the pre-sale was last night – the sale goes on through Saturday, but since I was consigning some stuff this time and I was a volunteer, I got to shop at the pre-sale.  Which is totally worth the 4 hour volunteer shift I did inspecting people’s consignments and putting them out on the floor.  (Even if there were some really nasty and dirty, stained-up things that some people brought in to try to sell. Really…what are some people thinking?  I couldn’t wait to wash my hands when I was done.)

But anyway, the shopping.  It was madness in there!  Lots of people (mostly women…like 98% women) all looking for the best stuff.  Everyone was super polite and I even ran into a couple of ladies that I had volunteered with, so we got to chat for a bit while looking through the racks.  I did pretty well, I think.  I actually did better for the new baby than I did for Urijah, which was surprising, but I realized that as I was looking at everything, it’s really hard to dress a kid for winter in Texas.  Since this was the Fall/Winter event, everything had to be long sleeved or sweaters, jeans, coats, etc.  So, there were so many cute things, but I was trying to be realistic about what he could really get the most use out of.  Last year, he was wearing shorts sleeves and shorts in January and February, followed by days in sweats and hats.  So, I was choosy and didn’t load up on too many heavy winter items.  But the baby was a bit easier.  I looked for some newborn and 3 month sleepers (since those are fine for a baby for winter/spring) and then I jumped right up to the 9-12 month section for next fall for him, as well.

Here’s what I got for Urijah:


2 sweaters, a button down shirt, one long-sleeve t shirt, a brown sweater/hoodie and some dinosaur pjs

And for the baby:


4 sleepers, a Halloween shirt, khaki overalls, a sweater, 3 piece Christmas outfit, 2 piece newborn outfit, footie pajamas and a 3 piece set with a hoodie.  Oh, and a seriously cute Christmas vest.  Well, my intention it to use it for Christmas pictures, anyhow.)

And this was a steal at $5 for Urijah , as well:


So, 18 clothing items/sets and 1 toy, for $79.  Not bad, eh?  I’m a sucker for Gap clothes for kids, so quite a few things are Gap brand, one shirt was Janie and Jack, and the rest were Carters/Target, etc.  I’m planning to go back on Saturday, when it is the half price day, to see if there is anything else we might need.  The area with the toys was so jam packed you could hardly sort through the tables of stuff without causing an avalanche of Fisher Price and Little Tikes, so maybe that will be easier to navigate on Saturday once the merchandise has thinned out some.  I looked for a booster seat, and there were a few, but nothing spectacular that I had to have.  All in all, a success, I’d say!  Oh, and I checked online today and already 8 of my consignment items have sold (totaling $41)!  Just at the pre-sale last night.  So I can check again each night when they upload all the sales info and it will reflect what items are sold each day.  So exciting!  And since I volunteered, I get 70% of the selling price for my items.  I have a total of 40 things for sale, so I think that I will have made back all my spent money, and then some, by the time it’s all done.

Also, in unrelated news, I ordered a custom diaper bag from a girl off Etsy and it arrived yesterday!  I love it.  I had this same girl make me a purse several years ago and I really like it and it’s held up well, so I asked if she could make me a bag similar to it, just bigger and taa-daa!  Here ’tis:


It’s reversible – grey and white chevron canvas weight fabric on one side, and solid grey on the other.


3 pockets inside and a key fob


and 3 pockets outside on the back.  And the strap is adjustable.  Super spacious inside  – plenty of room for whatever stuff both a toddler and a new baby need.  I think we’re going to have a long and happy relationship!

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