U is 2!

Well….U’s second birthday has come and gone.  I handled this one much better than the first one…I think because it didn’t feel like I was losing my baby this time.  He was already feeling like a big kid, so this was just another step in that direction.  We had his birthday party on Saturday, which was the day before his actual birthday, and it was great!  I think we all had a pretty fun time.

The balloons were such a hit – I’m going to remember that as a sure-fire entertainment method for kids’ birthdays from now on.  Cheap and easy!  Urijah and Ada played with them for days afterwards, too.


Story time…


And food!  I think the missing thing in this picture is the sandwiches, which Dad had gone to pick up for us.


This series of pictures cracks me up – it was right after U had blown out the candle and decided to sample the frosting.  His and Ada’s reactions are just perfect, I think!  She is keeping a close watch on things.

IMG_1028 IMG_1029 IMG_1030


Thanks Nanny and Paw-Paw for my new bike and helmet!  This was the maiden voyage…I think it’s going to take some practice, but he’ll be off and rolling soon, no doubt.  Ada had a bit more experience so she actually got moving a bit on her turn!

IMG_1072 IMG_1079

We took advantage of all of us being dressed nicely and looking decent to get some good family pics….and this one probably is my favorite since we had an addition!  This is how our family would look if we had had twins…although they couldn’t look more different, right?



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