25 and 26 weeks

What’s new with the baby?

25 weeks:  Your baby measures about 13.6 inches to 14.8 inches and weighs about 1.5 to 2.5 pounds. During week 25, baby’s nervous system is rapidly developing, and she’s enjoying her new sense of equilibrium, knowing which way is up and which is down. Plus, she’s growing more hair too! Will she have Mommy’s hair color? Daddy’s hair color? Or a different color altogether? The suspense of what baby will look like is building!

26 weeks:  Baby is still growing in the 13.6- to 14.8-inch and 1.5- to 2.5-pound range, and while her eyes are still forming during week 26, they’ll open soon. Hello, baby! Her eyelashes have grown in, too, and she’s getting her immune system ready for the outside world by getting antibodies from you.
Plus, baby’s little lungs are starting to produce surfactant, the fatty substance that coats the inside lining of the lungs’ tiny air sacs, helping them to expand during breathing. And her skin has developed its color as well, because her body is now making melanin.

Food comparison this week is…
How am I feeling?

Pretty good…every day!  Till about 6:00…that’s when the energy decline starts and the random aches and pains start to kick in.  I feel like I just can’t lift Urijah one more time, and I need to sit down for just one minute.  Whew.  But then if I sit too long, the lower back pain and bit of sciatica start to kick in…so.  everything in moderation, huh?  Sleep has been kind of weird the last couple of nights.  I toured a private preschool yesterday for Urijah (he won’t be able to start there until he’s 3, but I thought I’d check it out now to know if it was something we were interested in.) and the night before we went I had panic dreams about packing him a lunch and the anticipated dropping him off at school dramatics of crying and all that, and then  last night after we did the tour, I couldn’t turn my brain off from thinking about the details.  It probably didn’t help that I gave Scott the full run down of all the info right before bed, so it was all just running through my mind.  Hopefully tonight will be better.  That is, until I schedule the next tour of a school for him to start going to after Christmas.

Weight gain?
I was up exactly 20 lbs at my appt on the 7th.  Everything else checked out just fine, though.  My BP was good, and the heartbeat sounded nice, and we think the baby is laying transverse, or crossways, right now.  We’ll see if that changes over the next few weeks.
What do I miss?  What am I looking forward to?

Well, so far, the early darkness from Daylight Savings Time ending hasn’t been so bad.  I forgot how cozy it always makes it feel inside the house.  To know it’s getting colder out there and darker as well.  Makes you glad to be safe inside.  But I have decided that it’s a fun thing to do if we take an after dark walk…so a couple of times we’ve gotten out the stroller and taken a stroll around the block when it’s totally dark.  We like to find the moon and I like to check out all the houses that leave their lights on and curtains open.  Everyone wins!  I’m looking forward to the super cold front that we get today and tomorrow…40s!  20s tonight!  Woohoo!  And then after that, starting to look forward to heading to Houston for Thanksgiving.  This year it’s going to be at Nanny and Paw-Paw’s house, and my mouth is already watering for sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes and gravy and….. mashed potatoes.  Oh…did I say that already?  Nanny and Paw-Paw have lots of land and U is going to have a fun time investigating it all…plenty of things to check out there, so it should be a fun day!  And I think we’ll continue to have cooler weather so it might not be a shorts and flip flops Thanksgiving this year, which would be awesome.  We’ll see though!  It is Texas, after all…you never know what that weather might do.


I sold the guest bed and side tables!  The mattress and boxspring are still here though.  I had a good possibility for those , but the guy flaked out, so I’m back to square one.  I’ll repost them on their own and see what happens.

Highlights of the week?

The sleep-depriving school tour was kind of a highlight….in that it felt like such a big next step for our lives.  Thinking about U going away from us for part of the day feels very foreign, but I think he’ll love it once he gets settled in, so it’s something to look forward to.

Belly pic:

No week 25, but here’s week 26.  Also, we passed the 100 day mark this weekend!  Only 97 days to go.  Whoa.


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