28 weeks

What’s new with the baby?
At week 28, baby is putting on layers of fat and weighs in around 1.5 to 2.5 pounds, measuring about 13.6 to 14.8 inches. Her skin has a smoother and less wrinkled appearance too. And her lungs are mature enough that she could probably breathe on her own if she were born prematurely. Plus, her eyes, which can open and close now, can sense changes to light as well.
Food comparison this week is…
How am I feeling?
Good – cold!  We had a decent cold front come through, and this time, when they call it a cold front I’m not scoffing that they should actually be saying “cool front”.  It really has been cold!  Down close to freezing at night and not really getting above 40 during the day.  And rainy.  And windy.  It’s been fun…a change of our normal pace.  But the forecast does show that we’ll be getting back up into the 70s next week.  Which will be nice since we have been missing outside playtime.  I don’t mind playing outside in the cold, but the rain sort of ruins it all together, you know?  Physically, I’m well.  I think the baby has shifted position and might be head down now?  I have felt two bouts of hiccups that were very low down, so I think his head is that direction, so that’s good news.  I’m hoping at my appt next week the midwife and feel around and tell if that’s true.  Also, I think after this appt I’ll start going in every 2 weeks.  Which…holy cow, how did that sneak up on us so fast?!  I’m pretty sure my little ticker thing says I’ve got 83 days left.  On one hand, I’ll be glad to not be pregnant anymore…this one hasn’t been quite as fun as the first one was.  Not because it’s a worse pregnancy, but because I don’t get to do exactly what I want whenever I want this time!  Last time I could lounge around or go for a walk or read or shop whenever I so desired, and this time, I’m on someone else’s schedule, so even when I’m tired or grouchy, I’ve still got to be on the ball.  Welcome to the next 18 years, right?  But on the other hand, I’m feeling a little sad that this will be my last pregnancy.  I’m not wavering on that, mind you, just feeling nostalgic about it.  This will be the last baby stage and toddlerhood we go through.  I guess we had really better enjoy it and then we’re on to bigger and more grown-up kid things!
Weight gain?
Still waiting for my next appt.
What do I miss?  What am I looking forward to?
I’m looking forward to eating on Thanksgiving.  And  putting up my Christmas decorations.   And trying to explain the advent calendar process to Urijah, and fully knowing that once he sees a piece of candy come out of one of the pockets, he’s going to want to look in each pocket and eat all the candy right away.  And I’m missing Nan, like I always do more at Christmastime, because really, this was her time of year.  But I’m wishing that she could have met these great-grandbabies and seen how amazing they are (and will be!) and that they could have known how special she was.  And then I remember that she was my grandmother, and they have their own grandparents that are just right for them and I can keep her for just myself (so to speak.  I’ll always share her with Ali and Lisa, and that actually makes it even better.)  I can’t wait to see how the grandparent/child relationship grows overs the years…especially around the holidays, when my own memories are the strongest.

No change here..but when I start thinking about that 83 days, I feel a little bit like we are slacking and better get on the stick!

Highlights of the week?

I think the highlight of this week will be Thanksgiving!

Belly pic:

We’ll probably have some pictures from Thanksgiving so I’ll come back and post one then!

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