Turkey Day recap

Whew.  Hello!  how have you been?  Wait, hold that thought.  I’ve got to {feed} {pick up} {burp} {change} {snuggle} the baby.  OK.  Now how are you again?

That’s how things go these days!  It’s non-stop baby and I make the ABSOLUTE most out of every naptime.  Aren’t you so lucky that today I am choosing to blog during these last few minutes of sleep.  I can hear intermittent noises over the baby monitor, but nothing requiring intervention yet.

So.  Thanksgiving.  We had it.  It was great.  It would have been perfect if Lisa and Josh and Ada had been able to be here, too, but the holidays are the busiest time of the year for Lisa’s bakery, so no traveling allowed!  Good thing we saw each other several times this summer to make up for it.

Scott and I had decided ahead of time that we weren’t going to attempt to travel for Thanksgiving or Christmas this year, and so our families came to us!  It was wonderful.  I loved having every one here and Urijah didn’t suffer from any of the attention he got, either.  Who says the turkey is the star of Thanksgiving?!  Uncle Shane and Grandpa both got in some snuggle time.

We divvied up the food responsibilities and Karen brought the turkeys and the green beans, and Mom and I handled the rest.  Ali covered the appetizers and snacks, which actually came in handy, since we ended up pushing out the meal until dinner time and ended up skipping any official lunch.  I’ve still been eating off of the leftover crackers and cheese ball almost 2 weeks later.  Ha!

The food was wonderful and it covered every single inch of my kitchen counters.  (I think Scott and I had had leftover Thanksgiving for about 5 or 6 meals, FYI.)  There was A LOT of food.  All the standard fare, and Scott and I were able to enjoy it with our families while our perfect baby peacefully slept through the whole thing.  I can’t believe we got off that lucky!

L to R: Karen, Jim, Grace, Shane, Dad (mom behind the camera)

The Kid's Bar: Lane, Scott, Me, Ali

And no Thanksgiving would be complete, (in my eyes) without the obligatory Black Friday shopping. I love it out there!  I love all the craziness, the deals, the usually chilly morning weather, and always finding more stuff for myself than anyone else.  Seriously, why is it that I do the best shopping for myself on Black Friday?  It happens every year and I don’t even feel guilty about it anymore..I just go into it knowing that I’m going to stock up! I hit the jackpot on some jeans (alright, fine, they’re jeggings and I don’t care who knows it since Mom already blew my cover when she told Scott that my new pants pull on.) and some tank tops and new undies and some pajama tops that are nursing-friendly.  The jeggings are just what my post-baby body needed.  They are actually skinny-leg jeggings, which was so surprising to me since I didn’t think that cut of pants looked good on my body shape, but they look great (if I do say so myself – plus mom and Ali told me so).  You would never know the zipper is fake! They are now on my top ten list of things I am thankful for this year.

Our family had another reason to be thankful this year – my folks are celebrating 40 years of marriage, and we had a small cake to commemorate.  I wish I could have done more to acknowledge the accomplishment, but my last couple of months have been….busy.

Congratulations Art and Sherry! We love you!

Also, it is of note to say that this was mine and Scott’s first Thanksgiving as a married couple!  He is definitely at the top of my list of things to be thankful for – he makes my life better and I can’t imagine my life without him.  I don’t want to. We’ll be celebrating our 40 years in…well, 40 years.

And this year, he’s not alone at the very top of my list.

Hmmm.  Maybe the turkey was the star of Thanksgiving after all.

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